Ananda - where did that name come from?


 Ananda is a Tibetan word that means:


Bliss, Happiness and Joy 

There are numerous ways to pronounce Ananda, I have chosen to pronounce it as such: 

3 syllables and the ‘A’s are soft ‘A’s.

Ah - non - dah.

My personal experience (over the last 32 years) is that in this location I feel inner peace and happiness from the moment I arrive.   It is the one place on earth that I am able to experience true joy, calmness, and bliss from the everyday challenges and stresses of life.  This place has a euphoric atmosphere where everything moves at a slower or manageable pace. I experience a feeling of safety and am able to think clearly. I believe the word Ananda perfectly embodies the feelings and experiences obtained from visiting here.